Christchurch Shooter Smirks, Makes White Power Gesture In Court

The 28 year old main suspect, Brenton Harrison Tarrant in mass shootings at two New Zealand mosques on Friday that killed 49 people and injured scores of people was produced in court on Saturday.

Brenton Harrison Tarrant who is an Australian citizen was remanded until his next appearance in the South Island city's High Court on the 5th of April.

Tarrant was handcuffed, barefoot and was wearing a white prison suit. He smirked twice when media persons photographed him during the hearing and was seen making the white power gesture (an upside-down “okay” signal).

He remained silent throughout the court proceedings and while he was waiting in the court gallery.

New Zealand Mosque Shooter Brenton Tarrant

The shooter Tarrant posted a hate manifesto online before the mass killing suggesting neo-Nazi ideology and immigration to Europe had spurred him into action. Titled "The Great Replacement," the 74-page manifesto repeats popular far right conspiracy theories, and how white Europeans are being deliberately replaced by non-white immigrants.

Tarrant manifesto further talked about an “invasion” from India, China and Turkey. He defined these three nations as “potential nation enemies in the East” in his manifesto. He supports US President Donald Trump "as a symbol of renewed white identity and common purpose."

The Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison described the gunman as "an extremist, right-wing, violent terrorist".

The Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern labelled the attack as an act of terrorism. She added that Tarrant, obtained a "Category A" gun licence in November 2017 and began purchasing the five weapons for the Friday's attacks.

The prime minister made clear that she intends to change the gun laws in New Zealand following the gruesome Christchurch attack.