Chinese tea shop chain apologises for making sexist slogans, calling women ‘bargains’

A popular Chinese tea shop chain apologised for a range of cups and teabags sporting sexist slogans, after they sparked widespread outrage.

Modern China Tea Shop, based in southern China’s Hunan province, was selling tea bags captioned with “the mouth says no but the body says yes,” and “my dear, I want you.”

One mug referred to women as a “bargain,” saying that customers could pick up an unexpected deal if they were successful in picking up women while waiting for their drinks.

Modern China apologised saying it took responsibility for offending women and would not mistake sexist jokes for creative ideas in the future, Shanghai Daily reported.

“We made a very inappropriate sentence that even people in Changsha did not approve of…. we are very ashamed. We have absolutely no intention of disrespecting women,” the company said in a statement.

“We will immediately recall the batch of Changsha dialect themed mugs and seriously reflect on this incident.”