Chinese Student Imprisoned For Photographing US Defence Facility

A twenty year-old Chinese student was sentenced to prison after pleading guilty to illegally taking pictures of the US defence facility in Florida.

The court sentenced Zhao Qianli the maximum sentence term of one year on Tuesday for photographing defence installations. According to the reports Zhao entered the military facility located at  Naval Air Station Key West on the 26th of September without permission.

After clearing the base main fence line Zhao went directly into the area that contains a range of satellite dishes and antennas. Zhao had taken multiple photographs and videos of the equipment.

The boy ignored multiple sign boards that called it restricted area and keep out.

The Key West Facility monitors 42 million square miles of the earth surface, it tracks threats to US security, narcotic ships. Close to thirteen nations work at this facility.

Zhao is in the United States as part of a student exchange program between China and the USA, he’s studying musicology.

Roughly 350,000 people from China study in the US every year.