Chinese police officers wear smart helmets that detect suspected coronavirus infected citizens

Police officers in China have started to wear smart helmets that can automatically take pedestrians’ temperatures as they patrol the streets, according to a media report.

Amid the coronavirus crisis, the helmet is designed to help accurately spot people with abnormal temperatures in crowds in a short time, which makes it useful in the fight against the epidemic.

An interesting video of a Police officer in China using ‘smart helmet’ was shared by People’s Daily, China with the caption, “Smart helmets featuring infrared temperature detector and code-read cameras were adapted in China to spot fever people in crowds accurately as a method to control the novel #coronavirus epidemic.”

The video shows the officers looking around to screen passing shoppers to see if their body temperatures were above 37.3 degrees Celsius.

The helmet has an infrared camera, which will sound an alarm if anyone in a radius of five metres has a fever which is a common symptom of the epidemic.