Chinese man triggers power outage for thousands after climbing atop electric pole to do sit-ups

In a bizarre incident a man in China scaled atop of an electric pole to do sit-ups, shocking onlookers and causing a power cut to thousands of homes.

Following the incident the man was taken away by police following his antics on Sunday evening on the outskirts of the south-western city of Chengdu.

A video on social media showed a man suspended 10 metre in the air as he did a stomach crunch off the top of the pylon.

“The local power company initiated an emergency power cut… affecting tens of thousands of households,” the People’s Daily said.

Emergency services, including medical personnel, rushed to the scene, The Paper in Shanghai said.

It was not clear why the man decided to do sit-ups off the pole but state media warned against anyone copying him.

In 2015, a similar incident was reported where a Chinese man climbed a high-voltage electrical pole and burst into flames.

According to reports that time, he climbed the pole after a fight with his girlfriend. However, he accidentally came too close to electrical wires and burst into flames when thousands of volts passed through his body. Engulfed in flames, the man fell 15 feet to the ground and suffered injuries.