Chinese man steers his car into a river hours after getting his driving licence

A Chinese man plunged his car into a river hours after getting his driving licence. The incident took place when Zhang, the driver, was checking his phone while driving.

He veered off his vehicle into the river when he looked up from his phone and found two people walking on a bridge.

Zhang said that he tried to read some messages but he suddenly saw two people on the bridge, which did not have a guard rail, and got nervous. He dislocated his shoulder in the accident.

“Luckily, the car floated for a while. I couldn’t open the driver’s door so I had to kick open the door on the other side. Otherwise, I would have never have got out,” he said.

According to local media reports, residents of that area pulled him out of the water and provided him with some dry clothes. Police fished out the car with the help of a crane.

However, there is no clarity whether the driver will face any penalty for driving irresponsibly.

There is a fine of a maximum of 200 Chinese yuan and two points are deducted from the license, if a person is found using a phone while driving.