Chinese lied about having coronavirus to skip work, arrested

A man in China was recently arrested after authorities found he had been lying about having coronavirus, only to get out of going to work.

According to local reports on Chinese media, the man called his office one day and told them that he had the symptoms of COVID-19.

What the man thought would be a perfect excuse to play hookie, however, turned out to be a nightmare as the office went to on to shut all operations for three days and put all its employees in quarantine.

In order to convince his office that he indeed had the coronavirus, the man said that he was shopping at a supermarket at the same time when another patient had been in the shop.

Police found discrepancies in the man’s story after investigation and it turned out that the documents including a proof of purchase to prove his supermarket alibi was fake.

The man has been given jail time for three months for spreading misinformation, followed by six months of probation.