Chinese county threatens to execute pet dogs if they are caught in public thrice amid rising biting cases

A county in China has threatened to execute pet dogs if they are caught in public thrice. This has come with the rule that dog owners cannot walk their pet outside at any time.

As per the authorities in Weixin County, the guideline has been released to protect residents’ safety as incidents have been reported of dogs biting residents.

News reports say that the ban on walking dogs on streets will be reviewed by the officials now after receiving backlash on the new rules.

The orders were first released on November 13 and it was said that the rule will be put in place by November 20. However, now the rule is under review.

As per the authorities, the policy has been introduced to promote civilised dog-raising habits.

The new rule says that owners will be given a warning on the first offense. When they are caught with the dog for the second time, a fine will be taken that can range from 50 Yuan to 200 Yuan.

If the owner is caught with the dog for the third time, local authorities have the right to confiscate the dog and kill it, as per the new rule.

Earlier in 2018, a ban was placed in Hangzhou on dog walking during the daytime. But if this new rule is implemented in Weixin County then it will be unprecedented because this one bans dog walking at all times.

In the Huangshi city of the south-eastern Hubei province in China, there is a ban on raising large canines measuring over 45 centimeters.