Chinese Consulate attacked in Karachi

A terror attack targeted the Chinese Consulate situated in Karachi’s Clifton area, this left at least seven people dead.

Gunshots and multiple blasts were heard at the Chinese Consulate. Smoke was rising from the consulate building, the building serves as the residence for Chinese diplomats and staff.

The attackers first opened fire at a checkpost, then hurled a hand grenade. The attackers parked their vehicle at some distance from the embassy before moving towards it. Security forces quickly initiated a gunfire battle outside the consulate.

The guards manning the gates locked down the entry point. The Chinese staff were taken to a main building inside the embassy premises.

The attackers shot the guards and managed to enter the consulate. Shortly later Pakistan Rangers arrived and neutralised 3 terrorists. Police recovered heavy arms, and ammunition from the slain terrorists.

Prime Minister Imran Khan condemned the attack and ordered an inquiry into the incident.