China’s coronavirus survivors want to sue their government

China is branding its coronavirus victims as martyrs, but at the same time, Beijing is targeting the grieving relatives who want to know the truth about this outbreak.

People who have lost their loved ones to the coronavirus pandemic want explanation and compensation from the Chinese government.

But the government is in no mood to explain, instead, China is clamping down. It is censoring news articles about the outbreak and Wuhan’s mourning survivors.

Those who challenged the Communist Party narrative are being singled out. Some residents reached out to an activist, Yang Zhan Qing, seeking help to sue the government.

However, they were silenced just like the whistleblowers, doctors and the journalists. Some Bereaved family members have faced police interrogation. Moreover, lawyers have been warned not to file any suit against the government.

The Communist Party does not want anyone to challenge the official narrative. So, they are making sure that no one raises a question.

Leaders of the US, the UK and Germany believe that the deaths and the destruction of the global economy could have been avoided, had China shared the information about the virus in its early phases.