China to allow foreigners into the country only if they take Chinese-made Covid-19 vaccine

China has decided to ease its borders for foreigners back in the country if they have taken a Chinese-made Covid-19 vaccine.

The country has been closed to most foreigners since last March to stem the spread of coronavirus which it has largely brought under control at home, stranding many foreigners with jobs and family inside China overseas.

Chinese embassies in United States, Pakistan and India issued notices saying the country will open visa applications to select people who have taken a China-made jab.

The Chinese Embassy in the US said in a statement that it would begin to process ‘visa applicants inoculated with Chinese Covid-19 vaccines’.

This would apply from this week to those visiting the Chinese mainland for work resumption, business travel, or for ‘humanitarian needs’, such as reuniting with family members

The embassy statement said this applied to those who had either had two doses of the vaccine or a single-dose at least 14 days before applying for the visa.

Chinese embassies in other countries such as India, Pakistan, Philippines, Italy and Sri Lanka have published similar statements.

China has approved four home-grown vaccines and is yet to approve any foreign made vaccines. China has also shipped its vaccines overseas to several nations.

The Philippines received 600,000 vaccine doses from China two weeks ago. Turkey, Indonesia and Cambodia have also approved Chinese vaccines.

The Chinese state media said Beijing would export nearly 400 million doses of home-grown vaccines overseas.