China replaces Hong Kong envoy after months of demonstrations

China has replaced its top envoy to Hong Kong after months of unrest. The state run media announced the replacement of Wang Zhimin with Luo Huining.

“Wang Zhimin has been dismissed from his position as head of the Liaison Office” for Hong Kong affairs and was replaced by Luo Huining, state broadcaster CCTV said, without giving further details.

62-year-old Wang headed the Liaison Office of the Central People’s Government in Hong Kong, a Chinese government body, housed in a heavily-guarded Hong Kong skyscraper, through which official communications between the semi-autonomous city and China are conducted.

The office has come under criticism in Hong Kong for being isolated and out of touch with the situation following months of protests in the city.

Wang would be replaced by 65-year-old Luo Huining, according to the official website of China’s Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security.

Luo was also made deputy head of the National People’s Congress Financial and Economic Affairs Committee. Luo had been semi-retired after serving as secretary of the Shanxi Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China.

Meanwhile, the protesters continue their 6-month long agitation. What started as opposition to an extradition bill in June has since evolved into a movement calling for more democratic rights and further autonomy from mainland China.