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China: Pack of wolves eat pet dog after owner drops pup in their enclosure

A pack of wolves ate a pet dog when its owner dropped the pup in their enclosure in a Chinese zoo.

The dreadful incident took place in the Wild Wolf Valley, near the city of Changi in northern Xinjiang on April 5 when a person, accompanied with his pet pooch, was watching the wolves from an observation deck.

Suddenly, the small dog slipped from his hands and landed inside the enclosure with the wolves, an eyewitness said.

The hungry pack of predators jumped at the opportunity to feed on the small dog as they mauled it, encircling the unlucky pooch before one of the wolves ran off carrying the dog between its fangs and others followed behind him.

After a while of struggle, two wolves gave up the contest to feast on the pooch as one of the wolves ran off with the dead dog carrying it between its fangs.

A video of the traumatizing incident has gone viral on the internet.

News reports claimed the dog breed was shichon, which is a mixed breed between a Shih Tzu and a Bichon Frise dog. It is yet unknown if the body was recovered or was it eaten before it could be extracted.