China fears second coronavirus wave along border with Russia

China’s northeastern region bordering Russia has become the new focus of attention of authorities with fears of a second wave of coronavirus spreading in the country.

Harbin, the provincial capital of Heilongjiang has seen a spurt in cases with authorities clamping down on entry of vehicles registered elsewhere in an attempt to contain the virus.

Chinese health authorities have ordered new arrivals to undergo isolation and have made efforts to identify citizens coming from Russia.

The state media said suspected and confirmed cases would have be quarantined and tested before they enter the area.

Authorities in Harbin had earlier ordered 28-day quarantine for all arrivals. In Heilongjiang, schools and universities have been shut. According to reports, 1,400 people have been identified for signs of COVID-19.

Heilongjiang had earlier reported over 537 confirmed coronavirus cases even as China recorded at 82,788 cases with 4,632 deaths, mostly in Hubei province in Wuhan.

According to reports, the seven new domestic infections reported nationwide on Wednesday were all in Heilongjiang area.

The influx of people from across the border in Russia has also lead authorities to close Suifenhe which is a border city.