China bans fish import from Indian firm for a week after detecting coronavirus in frozen packaging

China has banned import of seafood from India’s Basu International for one week after detecting the novel coronavirus on three samples taken from the outer packaging of frozen cuttlefish.

The Chinese customs will further enhance their inspection of cold-chain imported foods in a bid to prevent the risk of imported coronavirus infections, Bi Kexin, head of the import and export food safety bureau of the General Administration of Customs, was quoted.

Imports will resume automatically after one week, the General Administration of Customs said in a statement according to state-run Global Times.

The statement also added that Liangshan county in East China’s Shandong Province on Friday reported a packaging from one batch of imported frozen beef tested positive for Covid-19. The beef was delivered from another Chinese city.

It has been estimated that there have been over 25 novel coronavirus cases detected in imported food cold chains since the first case was found in July, mostly from major frozen food-exporting countries including Ecuador, Russia, Indonesia, Brazil and Norway, the report said.