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Child severely burned while attempting a TikTok experiment in Connecticut

Connecticut fire officials have issued a warning after a child was severely burned while attempting a TikTok experiment called “The Woosh Bottle Experiment.”

Firefighters responded to a call around 8:30pm on Tuesday for someone who had been burned.

When they arrived, they learned a child was injured while attempting the experiment, which involves the use of alcohol and a bottle which is then ignited to attempt to make a “whoosh” sound.

The child, whose age was not released, was rushed to Yale Children’s Hospital with severe burns. The victim was later transferred to the Bridgeport Hospital Burn Center.

“This could easily have led to a fatality as well as a major fire in the house,” Fire Chief Matt Marcarelli said.

“Alcohol is a volatile flammable liquid and can act as an accelerant.”

East Haven Fire Marshal Charles Miller will be working with the town’s schools to make sure kids are aware of the potential dangers of playing with fire and of the dangers of this TikTok experiment.

“Take a few minutes to talk to your children about the dangers of playing with ignitable liquids and matches and monitor what they are watching,” Miller said.

“This experiment when done incorrectly can cause severe burns that can permanently scar an individual.”