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Chicken Biryani: The ‘Most Wanted’ Food Dish Driving India’s Food Industry

Indian food is one the most popular cuisines around the world, but have you wondered what is mostly eaten.

Well we have the answer.

During the pandemic year, chicken biryani took the lead as the most ordered dish on food delivery platform Swiggy.

Chicken biryani happened to also be the first order that was placed by nearly 300,000 new users.


Biryani is basically a mixed rice dish with all sorts of spices, vegetables and meat. This dish is said to have originated over 500 years ago. This rice is said to be South Asia’s most favorite eaten dish.


Biryani of all kinds was the most craved food in India during the pandemic year. A report stated that every second a biryani order was placed and an average of 95 biryanis are ordered every minute.

The ratio of veg to non-vegetarian biryani stood at 1:6, which means that for every one veg biryani , six non vegetarian Biryanis were ordered.

Apart from Chicken biryani, masala dosa, paneer butter masala, chicken fried rice and garlic bread sticks were most ordered.


Biryani By Kilo is a food delivery startup. This company raised its revenues from 8.6 million Indian rupees in 2016 to 480 million Indian rupees in 2020. It has an investment which is more than 10 million Indian rupees.

When the pandemic came to play, this company was able to carry out its operations and even performed well.

“Biryani is a part of India’s heritage. The versatile and complete meal has many variants such as Hyderabadi, Lucknowi, Bengali, and more and caters very well to delivery. BBK has around 40 outlets across 20 cities in India currently and we are growing very fast,” said Kaushik Roy, Co-Founder of BBK

The company is planning to expand its operations across the world and is looking at a income of 5 billion Indian rupees down the lane.

The corporate says biryani and delivery has huge potential to grow and they even valued the organized biryani market to be worth 15 billion Indian rupees and the unorganized sector around 15 trillion Indian rupees.

A report by the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry stated that the organized biryani delivery industry was worth at least $352 million.

The optimistic and wonderful thing about this valuation is that it might be a huge underestimation. The true figures are possibly ranging between $500 million to $1.5 billion.