Chandrayaan 2 lander Viram found in one piece. ISRO working to restore communication link

Couple of days after the communication link between  Chandrayaan-2’s Vikram lander and the ground was lost, the  Indian Space Research Organisation said it was making efforts to establish link with the lander.

During the final descent 2.1 km above the lunar surface on early hours of Saturday, the lander made a hard landing instead of a soft landing for which it was designed for.

ISRO official associated with the mission claimed on Monday said: “It had a hard-landing very close to the planned (touch-down) site as per the images sent by the on-board camera of the orbiter. The lander is there as a single piece, not broken into pieces. It’s in a tilted position.”

“We are making all-out efforts to see whether communication can be re-established with the lander. The ISRO Telemetry, Tracking and Command Network (ISTRAC) in Bengaluru are on their job,” the official added.

ISRO’s second lunar mission – the Chandrayaan 2 comprised of a an orbiter, lander (Vikram) and rover (Pragyan).

The mission life of the lander and rover is one Lunar day, which is equal to 14 earth days.

On Saturday, hours after the failed successful landing ISRO Chairman K Sivan said that the space agency would try to restore link with the lander for 14 days, and reiterated the resolve on Sunday after the orbiter’s camera spotted it on the Lunar surface.

Experts argue that unless and until everything was intact it would be very difficult to establish communication. If the mission had gone as per plan — a soft landing — and if all systems functioned, then only communication could be restored.

The most important part during this communication restoration are the antennas. They should be pointed towards the ground stations. And, even if all the solar panels were even destroyed, the lander had internal batteries which are good enough to generate power.

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