Chandrayaan-2 displays it’s photography skills after sending it’s first Moon photo

The first image of the Moon captured by Chandrayaan 2’s lander called Vikram was tweeted by space agency ISRO today. The picture of the moon was captured at a height of about 2,650 km from the moon surface and was taken yesterday.

The image shows two significant landmarks on the moon, the Apollo crater and the Mare Orientale basin.

The Apollo, a 538 km-wide crater named after NASA’s Apollo moon missions, is located on the moon’s southern hemisphere. Many small craters located inside the crater are named after several dead NASA astronauts and officials.

The Mare Orientale, on the other hand, is said to be over 3 billion years old and about 950 km wide. Shaped like a bullseye, it was formed after an impact from an asteroid-shaped object. A very significant landmark on the moon, the Mare Orientale is difficult to look at from the earth.

Chandrayaan 2 had finally started orbiting the moon a couple of days ago after a complex manoeuvre. The tricky successful 20 minute manoeuvre decided the fate of the mission. If unsuccessful, the satellite and the lander could’ve bounced off into deep space.

The next big thing for Chandrayaan 2 is scheduled for the 7th of September. ISRO aims to place a lander on the moon’s south pole. If successful, India would be the fourth nation to soft land a rover on the lunar surface after Russia, US and China.

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