Chancellor Merkel

The German Chancellor Angela Merkel has said they she would not contest for another term after 2021. She also added that she would retire from active politics.

Angela Merkel is heading Germany since 2005, she currently is in her forth term. Her moving out would create a void. There are talks murmured around for her replacement.

Angela Merkel is a scientist, who researched heavily on physical chemistry. She comes from a very good background of intellectuals. She has many papers against her name, she got her doctorate in quantum chemistry in 1986.

The fall of the Berlin Wall triggered her to join politics. She believes in the leftist ideology. Merkel fought her first elections in 1991 and served as the Minister for Environment, Nuclear Safety and Nature Conservation.

In the federal elections 2005 she was selected as Chancellor to head the Christian Democratic Union in a coalition with other leftist parties. Angela played a crucial role in sailing Germany in the financial crisis of 2008, the ongoing refugee crisis from middle East and Africa. Merkel introduced energy development and health care schemes, this made her popular amount the masses. Employment was always an issue in every elections she fought.

Merkel has had good relations with the European Union, Bush and Obama administration. Over the years her approval ratings fell from a peak 56% to a mere 36%.