Chad: Clashes between cattle herders and farmers leave at least 35 dead

Thirty-five people were killed in a fighting between cattle herders and farmers in south-eastern Chad in the past few days, officials said.

The farmers in the Salamat province were attacked when they encountered a road block, provincial secretary-general Mara Maad told AFP.

Farmers have blamed cattle herders and launched an attack on them on Monday, prompting authorities to send in troops to restore order.

The “inter-community clashes have caused 35 deaths, including a soldier”, Maad said.

Herders and sedentary farmers have a long and troubled history in southern Chad, where weapons exist in large numbers and violence often flares after cattle destroy crops.

In November 2020, 22 people were killed in herder-farmer clashes in Kabbia, while nearly 50 were killed in ethnic conflicts across Chad in the following two months.