Certain Models Of MacBook Pro models banned in all US flights

US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has prohibited taking on board the MacBook Pro purchased between September 2015 and February 2017 and whose battery was replaced recently.

The reason for this exclusion is the fact that they might pose a safety hazard.

Bloomberg recently reported that FAA had banned select MacBook Pro laptops on flights after Apple announced that some of its older MacBook Pro laptops pose a fire safety hazard. The federal organisation in a statement to the publication had said that it was aware of the recalled batteries that were being used in some Apple MacBook Pro laptops and that it had alerted all major US airlines about the same.

Apple back in June announced a battery recall program as a part of which the company would replace the batteries of the affected MacBook Pro laptops sold in the above mentioned period for free. All users had to do was enter the serial number of their MacBook Pro laptops on Apple’s support site and check the eligibility of their laptops for repair.

The FAA order, not just recalled MacBook Pro laptops or its batteries but all devices with recalled batteries.  In a statement FAA spokesperson confirmed that its actions were a part of a routine wherein airlines were reminded not to allow any device with a recalled battery and not just a MacBook Pro laptop.

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