CCTV captures monkey breaking into ATM and trashing it

When cops responded to reports of a damaged ATM in Delhi recently they were surprised to check CCTV footage and discover that the felon was actually a monkey.

Surveillance footage, captured inside the ATM located in the national capital’s South Avenue area, shows the primate pulling off what some on social media have described as an incredible “monkey heist”.

In the video, the monkey is seen inside the kiosk of a State Bank of India ATM. It is seen fiddling with the ATM and pulling out the machine’s front panel – a mammoth task that sends him tumbling to the floor. After inspecting the machine some more, the monkey scampers towards the door, with the video cutting off just before it exits.

According to the date stamp on the short clip, the incident occurred on Wednesday, May 6.

The video of the monkey’s attempted robbery has left netizens amused. It was posted on Twitter by news agency ANI, where it has collected over 44,000 views. Watch it below: