Cats will soon be able to eat cookies made from lab grown mouse cells

A company called ‘Startup Because Animals’ announced the release of its cat snack made from lab-grown mouse cells.

The new product is available for pre-order ahead of its planned launch in 2022.

The biotech startup’s snack comes in the form of a cookie and contains real rodent cells.

It’s more of a treat than a full meal for now. This is the first product from a Chicago based firm.

The cookies are being called “Harmless Hunt Cultured Mouse Cookies for Cats,” it is already available for pre-order on the website before a launch date planned for 2022.


Until now, most of the advances in the field of cultured meat have been for human consumption., example chicken nuggets and steak. The concept is the same here.

Mouse cells are fed with a nutrient-rich serum and kept at optimal temperature for several weeks. This meat grown without slaughtering any animals is mixed with pumpkin, tempeh, miso and yeast before being molded into a cookie.

The company’s spokesperson said the new product was to “take animals out of the food chain.”

Pets are the cause of 64 million tons of carbon emissions per year, according to Forbes. These emissions come, as in the case of their owners, from the egg, milk and meat production needed to feed them. In addition, pet food is generally of very average quality, and produced with leftover bones and blood.

The company’s next challenge is growing rabbit meat for dog food.