CAT stands guard beside firefighters everyday since rescue

A Chinese fire station that rescued a stray cat is now standing guard along firefighters ever since her rescue.

According to Chinese state media,  the former stray cat would curl up near the feet of the officer on duty or lie in front of the post from where it keeps a close watch over the fire station’s barracks in Guiyang City of southwest China’s Guizhou Province.

The cat was looked after by the fire station personnel for three years after it accidentally walked into the station. At that time it was a malnourished, homeless kitten.

The firefighters stationed there befriended the kitten and took turns to feed it. It is now in good health and has become close to the firemen in the station. The cat often lies next to any firefighter on guard duty.

Nicknamed Lan Mao or ‘blue cat’, it has now become an integral part of the Guizhou Provincial Fire Brigade station.

According to Sun Hoaxing, one of the firefighters at Guizhou, Lan Mao stands guard with any firefighter who is on guard duty and it is around to accompany the fireman. Lan Mao stands put even if the weather conditions are not suitable. As and when it gets cold it will jump on the stand and lie down next to the feet of the fireman.

Hoaxing also mentioned that the cat was initially timid and scared of humans when they took it in.

The officers arranged a bed for it and the cat seems rather intelligent as over a three-year period it became attached with people sporting blue uniforms, Hoaxing added.