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‘Cat Man’ on trial for murder in Argentina expelled from courtroom for repeatedly meowing

An alleged double murderer who has been dubbed as the ‘Catman’ was removed from a court room in Argentina after he made a meowing sound 55 times during the hearing.

Israeli Nicolas Gil Pereg, who is charged with killing his mother and aunt, was taken down to the cells after answering questions from the judge by repeating ‘Meow, meow’ at the start of his trial in the Argentinian city of Mendoza.

Pereg, who once changed his name to Floda Reltih or Adolf Hitler backwards, also used the cat noise to answer when he was asked his name and ID number.

Armed police took the messy looking suspect away after he refused repeated requests to remain silent during the proceedings on Tuesday.

Former soldier Pereg, 40, is accused of killing his mother Pyrhia Saroussy, 63, and aunt Lily Pereg, 54, in January 2019 and hiding their bodies on land at his run-down home in Guaymallen on the outskirts of Mendoza.

The bodies of Saroussy and Pereg were found hidden under rocks and earth more than four feet below ground.

During the beginning of his trial Pereg, who is facing life in prison if convicted, pronounced the word ‘Meow’ 55 times from the moment he entered the courtroom to the time he was removed, local reports said.

In a video released by the Mendoza district attorney’s office, Pereg begins to imitate the meow of a cat in court while refusing to answer questions from prosecutors.

‘Mr. Gil Pereg, before the entry of the jury I warned you that if you wanted to remain in the courtroom, you should do so in silence, with respect and decorum,’ Judge Laura Guajardo says before ejecting him.