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Cat Interrupts House Of Lords Committee Zoom Meeting, Owner Handles Situation Like A Pro

A hilarious video that is being widely circulated online shows a cat briefly disrupting a House of Lords meeting by jumping into its owner lap and demanding cuddles. The video has left thousands amused since being posted on Twitter by Matt Korris, a clerk in the House of Lords – the second chamber of UK’s parliament.

According to BBC, the incident occurred while the EU Services Sub Committee was hearing evidence over Zoom from trade expert Sally Jones.

Ms Jones was heard apologising for her cat Leo in a clip from the video call. “He’s trying to get into my lap. It may be easier just to let him do that…” she was heard saying as Leo jumps into her lap. “I’m really, really sorry, your lordships,” she says to laughter from other participants of the call.

This is not the only cute interruption that has gone viral on social media as millions across the world work from home during the coronavirus pandemic.