Cat gets caught for stealing socks and underwear

In an otherwise ‘amusing’ incident, a sneaky feline was recently caught for a long term cat-burglary in Sumner, USA.

Jasper, a Burmese cat was caught red-handed when one of the neighbours spotted him ‘cat-napping’ his socks and running away slyly.

According to reports, the owner, Ms Kristiansen said that the incident struck her when she saw her own pair of socks, swimmers, gloves, undergarments mysteriously disappearing and other items, which didn’t belong to her, lying on her hallway just before Christmas.

“To be honest it was quite funny, it was amusing,” Ms Kritiansen told the Otago Daily Times.

Now, Ms Kristiansen and her daughter are trying to reach out to every neighbour to return their missing items that have been lying in their house due to the cat theft.

The duo even took to the Sumner Community Group on Facebook to share the incident and asking their neighbours to contact them to have their stolen items back, where one person has been reported to have already claim a pair of gardening gloves, followed by another asking for his missing underwear and socks.

The family also believes that these items might have been stolen from houses which are as far as two blocks away from their resident!