‘Cat Garden’: Indian couple raises 200 cats in custom air-conditioned house having mini theatre

Upendra Goswami lost his sister in 1994. One day, while celebrating her posthumous birthday, a cat entered his house and ate the birthday cake, and then, she never left.

Now, Upendra has some 200 cats living in a place he solely dedicated to the felines and is called ‘Cat Garden.’

Upendra based in Gandhidham city in Kutch, established Cat Garden in 2017 in remembrance of his beloved sister.

Upendra and his family have been raising many cats since the birthday cake incident; however, now, he has built a house solely for the purpose of nurturing cats.

“We believe the cat who ate the cake is our sister who has come to stay with us in the form of a feline,” Upendra told reporters.

“These cats are like family, and we make sure that proper care is given to them,” he further added.

“The house [has] four air-conditioned rooms, 16 cottages, 50 sitting stands, and 12 beds. It has got a shower and mini theatre where animal-related shows are played in the evening. The cats are fed three times a day with the best cat food brands available in the market.”

The Cat Garden is maintained by Upendra and his wife Pooja, who is a school principal and an equally passionate cat lover.

Upendra also mentioned that the couple is aided by Jivdaya Charitable Trust for the regular veterinary check-up of the cats.

The couple handles almost 90 percent of the expenses, which amounts to roughly Rs.1.5 lakhs every month (approximately $2020).

Cat lovers can visit the Cat Garden for four hours every Sunday, and they can spend time with these cats for a minimal fee.