Cat crashes down on man’s head knocking him unconscious

A video captured an extremely bizarre moment of a cat falling from the sky and crashing into an elderly person’s head, knocking him unconscious.

A man named Gao Fengua, wandering along a sidewalk with the golden retriever in the city of Harbin in the North-Eastern Chinese province of Heilongjiang.

As he walked behind his back with his arms, a cat smashed his head out of nowhere and sent him crashing to the ground.

As the cat was seen falling from a considerable height, it seemed as the cat fell from the sky, taking the elderly man by a surprise who proceeded to fall on the ground. The man in the video was said to have regained his consciousness but he did reportedly suffer injuries.

The dog in the video was seen wearing boots and enjoying the walk with his pensioner owner when it saw the incident happen and proceeded to check on his injured human. Soon, it spotted the cat and chased it. Both had a face-off and the cat was also seen swinging a paw, but the dog managed to escape the attack.

According to reports, the cat belonged to the elderly’s man neighbour and fell from the apartment balcony. Now, Gao is trying to reach a compensation agreement with his neighbour.