Cat brings home a two-headed snake as a gift for its owners

A pet cat shocked its owners after her predatory instinct brought home a two-headed snake as a gift.

Kay Rogers, the kitty’s parent, said their family cat always brings them “presents” from outside.

“My daughter sent me a message: ‘Mom, she brought in a snake and it has two heads,” Rogers was quoted by local media, WFTS Tampa Bay.

The adventurous kitty is called Olive. She has a doggy door from where she can go out and come back inside the house whenever she wants.

This time, she came back with a reptile that would make any ophidiophobia faint and placed it on the living room carpet as an offering to her family. Avery, Roger’s young daughter, looked closely to find it wasn’t a stick but a snake with two heads!

In an interview with Click Orlando, Rogers told her daughter was convinced that Olive wanted to save the snake that’s why she brought it to them. The snake was uncoordinated, according to the family, with both the heads pulling in different directions. When offered food, one head would grab towards the food while the other pulled away.

The snake was identified as a southern black racer by The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and shared pics on Facebook.