Caretaker plays with polar bear through aquarium glass in Belgium zoo

A polar bear was recorded on camera playing with a zoo worker from his aquarium.

The staff member was standing on the other side of the glass enclosure in an Arctic world in western Belgium.

He responds to the animal’s gesture by touching the glass. The associates enjoy as the bear starts to swim as and when the worker darts to a location and alters its course. The giant pauses and then dives back from the floor according to his friend’s directions.

The zoo has been preserving these animals in the aquatic enclosures as their natural habitats are no longer safe.

Apart from polar bears, the zoo also retains walruses, reindeer and Siberian tigers in similar giant enclosures that are kept in accordance with their actual homes.

The enormous aquarium, the Land of the Cold on the Pairi Daiza zoo, is the biggest polar bear enclosure in the world.

To house the animals, the zoo tries to mimic their natural environment as far as possible. For the polar bears, the zoo has filled the basin with chilled seawater and a big ice cave is also placed where the temperature is maintained under freezing level at all times.

‘We constructed The Land of the Cold as a result of these stunning animals, particularly polar bears and walruses, are now not secure in their pure habitats. The Land of the Cold has additionally constructed a huge resort with 50 suites, the place our guests can spend the evening in underwater rooms close to the polar bears and walruses(sic.),” the DailyMail quoted the zoo as saying.

The zoo says that the animals are being threatened by the most significant hazard on earth, people. Oil drilling and maritime transport in the polar area have been additionally cited as reasons for extremely endangering their habitats.