Car stuck in beach almost swept away near Mumbai

A car, driven too close to the sea shore at a beach in Virar city of Maharashtra’s Palghar district today, got stuck in the sand and was nearly washed away into the sea.

Police said a group of people had come to the beach to play and drove their car too close to the seashore during high tide due to which the tyres of the car got stuck in the sand.

In a video shared by news agency ANI, the car can be seen swaying in water after being hit against strong waves. An occupant of the car then opens the door to step out of it while almost half of the car gets submerged under the waves.

Then, another man is seen running towards the car to help even as wave after wave hits the sea shore, swaying the car even more violently.

It’s still unknown as to how many people were inside the car but none were injured in the incident. The car kept floating with the waves for some time and was later fished out with the help of a tractor from a nearby village.

Palghar is located about 87 kilometers north of Mumbai.

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