Car bomb claims 8 at police academy in Columbia

A car bomb exploded in Colombia’s capital killing 8 and injuring 12. The vehicle exploded at the General Santander school, located in southern Bogota.

Helicopters, ambulances were rushed to the spot of the incident. Police have barricaded the area and have pocket marked the areas of the blast.

Local news reports suggest the vehicle entered the police school premises violently. Authorities are still to establish as to who could be behind the attack.

Such attacks have become the norm in the capital as drug traffickers and leftist guerrillas waged aggressive bombing terror campaigns in the city with car bombs.

However the Leftist rebels from the National Liberation Army (ELN) group have stepped up attacks on police in Colombia in after peace talks with the president Ivam Duque stalled.

The President of Columbia Ivan Duque said he was immediately returning to Bogota and had ordered authorities to investigate what he called a “miserable terrorist act.”

He also tweeted, “Colombia is saddened but it will not give in to violence.”