Cannibalism Among Wild – Tiger Eats Tigress

In one of a rare case an adult tiger was hunted and and eaten by another adult tiger in Madhya Pradesh’s Kanha National Park. This is the first incident of cannibalism reported among adult tigers.

Late Saturday evening partial remains of the tiger, skull and paws of tiger were found when forest officials were patrolling on elephants at Mundidaar beat. The viscera of the tiger was sent for further examination.

The forest officials believe a territorial fight ended up bad for the tigers. The officials were trying to match the stripes of the tiger that committed the crime.

Experts say that tigers fighting and eating is strange among adults but still common where cubs are eaten by adult tigers. Eating is never to satisfy hunger but an extension of the fight.

Also an increased tiger population in the tiger reserve is posing a threat to their own kinds raising conflicts in the reserve.