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Canadian Youtuber’s coronavirus prank forces passenger plane to turn around

A self-proclaimed “artist” from Canada created panic on board a WestJet flight after announcing that he was infected with coronavirus.

According to The Verge, the Ontario Peel Police charged James Potok on accounts with mischief and breach of recognizance.

The Verge cited CityNews, according to which, footage from the flight from Toronto to Montego Bay shows the man with a surgical mask and a pair of gloves, declaring to the passengers that “I just came back from Hunan province, the capital of the coronavirus, I’m not feeling too well, Thank you.”

The airline was compelled to turn around the fight carrying 250 people back to Toronto, thanks to the antics of the “unruly guest”.

Upon being apprehended, Potok said “I was looking to get a viral video. I figured it would invoke some kind of reaction, like ”this kid’s crazy,” whatever it is,” The Verge quoted Global News.

Potok runs a small YouTube channel with less than 1000 subscribers and has just over 200 fans on SoundCloud.

“I’m an artist,” he said. “Any publicity for myself is good publicity.”

James Potok is scheduled to appear at the Ontario Court of Justice on March 9.