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Canadian man drives over 1,000 miles to REUNITE American woman, kids with husband in Alaska

A Canadian man volunteered to drive a woman, her kids and pets more than a 1,000 miles to reunite them with her husband in Alaska.

As per reports, Lynn Marchessault, her 13-year-old son Payton, 10-year-old daughter Rebecca, two elderly dogs and a cat were supposed to reunite with Lynn’s husband in Alaska. Lynn’s husband who is a staff sergeant in the US Army was stationed at Fort Wainwright in Fairbanks and hence the trip.

While they were all set to travel across Georgia in a proper vehicle and the entire trip planned out went for a toss when their rented a trailer from U-HAul to carry the belongings and 4×4 truck stated to lose traction because of the harsh winter weather.

Things seemed tough when her window cleaning fluid was over and her windows were not clear enough for her to see and drive in these rough conditions.

Lynn understood the gravity of the situation and broke down in front of a gas station. A woman soon saw her and asked what was the matter. When Lynn told her about the tires, the woman sadly confirmed that these were summer tires. She further helped the family to drive to a tyre shop to get the tires changed but Lynn had had enough by this point and refused to get back on the road.

The mother of two booked a motel and told her husband that she was ready to be escorted out of Canada through the border patrol as she was not driving again. However, their story spread around and a Facebook post was updated asking for volunteers who know the terrain and would be willing to drive them across.

But then Gary Bath, a ranger by profession, who saw the post and decided to help. Gary and his wife met with the Marchessaults and then drove them to the border where the husband was elated to be reunited with his family.