Canada: Tractor trailer carrying 1,600 piglets falls into a ditch on the highway; 200 die, dozens on loose

A trailer carrying 1,600 piglets overturned on a highway near Mattawa, Canada this week.

Of those sixteen hundred, 200 died and about a dozen are on loose.

“You might see some,” officials warned on Thursday asking drivers and motorists to be alert along the stretch.

“Keep in mind those livestock may be consumed by wild animals, such as wolves and coyotes.”

Mattawa residents expressed concern for the pigs and are searching for the livestock, taking them in once they are found.

“We are reminding the public that this livestock still belongs to the property owner of a farmer,” said Lewis.

“They’re the responsibility of that farmer and that is their property and they should be returned to the farmer, just like any other property you would find on the highway.”

In a news release, police said the commercial vehicle was travelling southbound on the highway, hauling a trailer of livestock, when it rolled over into the ditch.

“The driver was the only occupant and received no injuries,” the release said.

The highway was closed in both directions for about three hours, to allow the removal of the vehicle from the ditch.

The driver was charged with careless driving, which carries a fine of $490 and plus six demerit points.