California woman gets wedged between two commercial buildings in Santa Ana

A woman in Santa Ana, California found herself stuck in an 8-inch space between two commercial buildings. The woman was wedged between the walls of an auto body shop and car stereo selling shop.

Santa Ana Police Department officials were called to the location after workers at a nearby business heard the woman’s cries for help and were not able to make sure where the sounds were coming from.

One shop owner said that they heard a lady in the back, behind their shop, screaming relentlessly. Hearing the cries for help, the shop owner called the cops who came in and got on the roof and looked between the two walls to find the woman.

It was also reported that the woman was in pain and had landed upside down between the two walls.

After the police officers spotted the woman, a team of rescuers were called to the scene, KTLA reported.

Tweets shared by Orange County Fire Authority (OCFA) shows how the team of firefighters got to work to get the woman out of the place. Firefighters could not get to the woman directly, hence, they devised a plan to drill a hole into the wall nearby to insert a camera and see if it is possible to cut the wall open and get her out.

A team of firefighters made accurate measurements and markings on the wall to drill through the wall. Throughout the operation, another set of firefighters kept an eye on the woman and ventilated the area where she was stuck through a large fan.

The operation was finally a success after the woman was rescued and assessed by the paramedics.