California wildfires

California is bearing the brunt of another wildfire storm. This time the wildfires had broken all the older records and is setting new, bigger record this season. The 2018 fire has destroyed over 1.6 million acres of land, costing $2.8 billion dollars in damage.

Series of wildfires erupted in northern California since August. The authorities then declared it a national disaster.

In November 2018, winds caused another round of wildfire damaging over 6700 structures. This is the most destructive fire California has ever seen.

Recent research on wildfires around California concluded blaming climate change and global warming. Usually the wildfire incidents take place between summer and autumn. In recent years the wildfires occur throughout the year.

Increase in temperature, dry weather together would increase the wildfire risks tremendously over the next few years. Air quality in California had decreased drastically.

In 2018 over 65 human lives were lost in the wildfires, out of which 42 in November alone.