California gym owner builds plastic workout pods to meet social distancing norms

The world is slowly opening up after months of lockdown to fight the coronavirus pandemic. The fitness industry was among those hit severely by the Covid-19 lockdown as gyms were closed for months.

Like most other US cities, gyms in California are also back in business. The conditions of social distance remain applicable though as one cannot afford to leave our guards down.

A gym in Redondo, California, has adopted an effective way to ensure that people continue their exercise in their facility with the utmost precautions. The Inspire South Bay Fitness gym has installed plastic sheet pods for each individual, with a set of necessary equipment.

The idea is courtesy owner Peet Sapsin and his wife who conceptualised the pods to make sure that their clients feel safe while working out. In addition to this, they have also reduced the size of the classes and installed sanitizers and clean towels.

Sapsin described that he thought of this idea after realising that it would be difficult to work out while wearing the masks. “My wife drew them out on paper, and soon after, we built our first prototype,” Sapsin said.

He added that these pods are built using shower curtains and PVC pipes, instead of expensive plexiglass. He mentioned that the overall cost of the entire project was no more than $400.

Before deciding on the plastic sheet pods Sapsin also sought the view of the people it was meant for, the customers. The prototype was meant with excitement and so Sapsin decided to go ahead and set them up.

Each of these pods has a dumbbell, mats, a bench and sanitizers so that the customer doesn’t worry about his safety.