California: At least two killed after small plane crashes into San Diego suburb

A small twin-engine aircraft crashed into the two houses and a UPS truck in a residential area north of San Diego, California on Monday.

The explosion which resulted in a massive fireball killed at least two people including the driver and injured two others, sending them to the hospital.

The aircraft came down close to the grounds of Santana High School in Santee, California.

The aircraft was registered against a cardiologist Dr. Sugata Das. He was making a commute between Yuma and San Diego and is believed to have been on board the twin-engine Cessna 340A when it crashed, 20 miles northeast of downtown San Diego.

Recordings from air traffic control hear the controller desperately pleading for the pilot to increase altitude in the final moments before the crash.

‘Low altitude alert! Climb immediately!’ the controller advised. The pilot responded but did not appear to be in distress, even agreeing to the request to climb.

The aircraft was lining up for final approach when the pilot appeared to suddenly lose control.

The Federal Aviation Administration said it did not know how many people were on board the aircraft.

On the ground it was a scene of carnage straight out of a disaster movie as the blaze destroyed two homes and a delivery truck that was making its rounds.