Cable car detaches and plunges to the ground in Czech Republic, 1 dead

One person died after a cable car detached and plunged into the ground in Czech Republic.

The incident was reported on Sunday, on the Jested Mountain in the north of the country, he is believed to be a guide. He was the only person onboard the car.

Fourteen other persons travelling in the opposite direction were rescued by firefighters.

An investigation has been ordered into the incident to find why the cabin became loose and detached.

The cable route to the 1,012-metre high Jested mountain near the city of Liberec uses two cabins, each operated manually by a member of staff.

Last year, more than 210,000 people used the cable cars, according to the Lidove Noviny newspaper.

The Jested Mountain is the highest peak north of Czech Republic and is a popular tourist attraction. The peak can be accessed by road or cable car. From there are views into Germany and Poland. The mountain also has a ski resort.