Bushfires first, now cyclone Queensland

A bushfire emergency was declared in Australia’s Queensland state. The residents on the path of the blaze were asked to evacuate immediately.

Over 144 bushfire incidents were reported simultaneously. The strong winds and high temperatures across the area is making it more difficult for the firefighters.

Bushfires in Deepwater, Eungella, Tinnanbar, Karara, Warwick and North Stradbroke Island are most concerning.

Changing wind conditions pushed smoke towards the mainland. To make it worse a tropical cyclone formed off the north Queensland coast.

The cyclone ‘Owen’ will bring relief from heat; lower temperatures and rainfall will help firefighters control the fires.

However Queensland is more prone flood waters than firestorms. This sudden transition for the crew from bushfire to flood waters is tough, most crew have been working overtime to get things under control.

Rescue choppers were put into force to airlift people.