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Burning tyre hurled at elephant by humans gets stuck in its ear killing it

Man-animal conflicts are increasing as humans stray into animal habitats. A wild elephant strolling on its lost land, now a resort, died after humans hurled a burning tyre, badly injuring the mammal.

Forest officials found the injured elephant with ears bleeding, but it died before it was taken for treatment to a facility at the Mudumalai forest range, in the Nilgiris district of Tamil Nadu State, India.


The video showed the tyre in flames being hurled from a building on the animal, injuring its ear. The elephant fled, trumpeting in pain.

Forest police detained two persons, Raymond, resort owner and his staffer, Prashant.

While speaking to the media, officials said, it seems that the resort workers were trying to scare the elephant away by throwing something on fire towards it. Since it was a tyre, it got stuck to the elephant’s ears for much longer, leaving the elephant in trauma.

The elephant was found lying near a dam where veterinarians tried to revive it, but in vain.

A provisional diagnosis suggested that the septic fistula filled with pus and severe loss of blood leading to acute anaemia, hypovolemia, resulted in shock and death of the 50-year-old tusker.