Burglar who broke into house falls asleep, woken up by cops

A burglar who had broken into a house in Thailand to steal valuables became tired and fell asleep.

But in an unfortunate twist for him, the house belonged to a police officer. The burglar was woken up from his slumber by the cop and he was arrested for trespassing.

The burglar had broken into the house of one Jiam Prasert, police sword officer of Wichian Buri District police station in Phetchabun Province at around 2am in the morning when the officer was asleep.

The thief, 22-year-old Athit Kin Khunthud had been stalking the area for quite sometime and felt tired when he went inside the house to steal. While he was in the house, he was overcome with fatigue and thus decided to take a nap before going away with the valuables. Thus, he switched on the air-conditioner in the officer’s daughter’s room and fell asleep.

But as ill-luck would have it, Athit Kin Khunthud ended up sleeping till morning and was fast asleep when the officer awoke and found that despite his daughter not being at home, the air-conditioner in her room was on. Jiam Prasert then found the burglar asleep on the bed and called for backup to get him arrested.