Burglar falls asleep while attempting theft in an air conditioned room, wakes up to cops arresting him

A thief fell asleep in an air conditioned room during the course of his burglary, and was woken while the cops were arresting him.

In the horrible theft, the 21-year-old man who attempted to rob a house in India’s Andhra Pradesh state fell asleep under the bed of the owner in middle of the night and eventually being caught red-handed.

Suri Babu attempted the theft on September 12 after doing a recce of the house, which belonged to the owner of a petrol bunk owner, over a long period of time.

During that period, he had carefully observed the daily whereabouts of the residents, where does he keep his money, when does he fall asleep etc.

On the golden night, Babu entered the unlocked house and stepped inside Reddy’s room who was by then fast asleep. Making it easier for Babu, Reddy for some reason, had kept the cash on his side table that night.

Meanwhile, unable to resist the temptation of a cool room, an exhausted Babu curled up under Reddy’s cot and dosed off for quite a long time.

Waking up to Babu’s snoring, Reddy immediately tip-toed out of his room, bolted it from outside and called the cops.

Once the police stormed inside the room, Babu locked himself inside. However, after a lot of persuasion he finally opened the door and admitted to his crime.

The police revealed that Babu ran a small sweet shop but didn’t make much money out of it. Drowned in debts, he thought a theft would help him come out of his financial troubles. His family also admitted to him being an amateur thief.

Although he failed at committing the crime, but has been arrested for attempting to steal.