Buckingham Palace reviewing Meghan Markle’s post ‘Megxit’ Title as it makes her sound like a divorcee

Stripped of their royal titles, former royals Harry and Meghan Markle’s new titles are allegedly under review as Meghan’s title made her sound like a divorcee.

The couple recently shocked Britain with their announcement to move away from their royal duties and prerogatives and lead “ordinary” lives. While the news caused quite the stir in the media, it seems Buckingham Palace is still to figure out the nitty-gritties of the process. And of the first roadblocks they seem to be facing is with what to call the former royals.

Harry and Meghan were entitled to be called ‘His/Her Royal Highness’ thanks to their royal prerogative. However, now they have decided to quit the royal life and the titles that come with it, they would have been referred to as ‘Harry, Duke of Sussex’ and ‘Meghan Duchess of Sussex’.

Except that ‘Meghan Duchess of Sussex’ makes it sound like Meghan has been divorces as using the comma could also represent a divorcee.

The comma came to represent a divorcee among the royals as the format of naming was chosen by Sarah Ferguson, the former wife of Prince Andrew who chose to call herself ‘Sarah, Duchess of York’ after their divorce.

Incidentally, Harry’s mother Diana was also given the comma when she was stripped dog her royal titles in 1996 and she was called Diana, Princess of Wales, a year before her tragic death.

Ever since news of ‘Megxit’ broke out, Meghan has been targeted by sexist and racist trolls on social media, many of whom have blamed the former American actress of being the reason behind the fallout.