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BS Yeddyurappa says “Give us 22 seats in Lok Sabha, we’ll form Govt in Karnataka within 24 hours”

The Karnataka state BJP President BS Yeddyurappa made a daring claim that he would form the government in Karnataka within 24 hours once the BJP wins 22 seats in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.

The exact words of the former Chief Minister BSY at a public meeting on Sunday said, “I am not telling you this out of audacity. If the people of Karnataka give us 22 seats in the coming Lok Sabha elections, we will form the government in Karnataka within 24 hours.”

The former chief minister has often made headlines for such speeches in public. Last month, Mr. Yeddyurappa made a similar controversial statement after the Pathankot attacks and Balakot air strikes.

Mr.Yeddyurappa said on the 28th of February, “The recent act of armed forces attacking Pakistan has turned the tide in Narendra Modi’s favour as the youth is happy after the attack. It will help us win 22 seats in Karnataka.”

The Congress and JDS alliance in the state have alleged that the BJP were trying to poach MLA’s from the Congress, and a conversation was taped which is believed to be off BS Yeddyurappa.

(The Pigeon Express Opinion – The claims of Yeddyurappa totally means that the BJP don’t value the democratic system in our nation. Was the man brazenly hinting in public that he was open to horse trading? Because the BJP don’t have numbers. If the BJP needs to form the government in the state of Karnataka, they either need over 10 Congress-JDS MLAs to resign or have the JDS break ties with the Congress. And all these scenarios seem absolutely unlikely.

From what I understand is that BSY is personally terribly hurt for not winning the state elections, so he is using all back door means to get him upfront, which unfortunately are failing. Over that, its obvious that there would be some high command pressure after the loss, so the Lok Sabha polls may are his only shot. In the process he seems to have developed greed for power.)