Brushing teeth is as important as face masks, hand sanitisers, and social distancing to prevent spread of coronavirus

According to a British dentist using face masks, hand sanitisers, and social distancing are not enough to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Dentistry Professor Martin Addy of the University of Bristol has called for toothbrushing to be considered equally important as hand washing.

In an interview to The Telegraph, professor explained that toothpaste contains the same detergents as those found in soap and hand wash soaps, which could help prevent the coronavirus from making itself into your mouth.

Antimicrobial action of toothpaste in the mouth stays for three to five hours and, thereby would reduce the viral load in saliva or infection by viruses entering the mouth, he said.

He further suggested that people should brush their teeth before going out and should increase the number of times they were brushing their teeth. He said the timing of tooth brushing should be focused when a person is about to go out of their homes into a public place.